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2D Animation Services

If you are willing to hire 2D animation services which can provide you creative, relatable, and right with the generation graphics animations, then we shall let you know, you are at the right destination. We, at Animation299, offer 2D animation services such as 2D video creation and editing, 2D Character animation, 2D medical animation, organic and inorganic animation, etc. What we mean to say here is that we provide all the 2D animation services, right under one roof. We have a skilled team of animators who hold excellent qualities of story narration though intriguing computer graphics. We make sure that our services complement to the needs of our customer’s ideas. We respect and adopt the ideas provided by our client in order to create a 2D animation. Our team of animators is well-acknowledged about the latest trends in the creative and digital market. We focus on upgrading our skills so that we can provide trendy animations to our customers. Our specialty is that we take animation projects from scratch and complete it to the top-notch quality. Right from conceptualization to execution of the animation, we take the pleasure of completing your choice of 2D animation. Our services are quite customer-oriented and we take pride in handling complex projects of animation.

Our Services

2D Character Animation and Scripting:

Within 2D animation services, one of the best tasks we perform is the creation of 2D characters for animation purposes. We offer 2D characterization for complimenting the script of narration. We take the story idea from the clients and make it effective with fluid script followed by the 2D characterization. It appears like a digital drawing but it is much more than that. Character design, rendering, motion effects, etc are involved in our 2D animation services.

2D Organic Animation:

For domains like medical science, human studies, etc, we create organic animations that involve human or animal organ representation in a digital manner. It is similar to human characterization yet the specifics of the human body like veins, nerves, internal organs, etc, are effectively displayed in our 2D organic animation.

2D Inorganic Animation:

For domains like mechanical, automation, management, etc, we create inorganic animations. Our team of animation takes the web sketches of the object to convert into animated objects. It involves objective animations such as piston cylinder motion, the motion of crankshaft, motion of a robot, etc. Our 2D inorganic animation services involve a digital representation of almost all the motion activities of non-living objects.

2D E-learning Animation:

E-learning is quite an educational trend these days. No matter what subjects you want to study, there is the availability of animated courses. Therefore, we provide 2D e-learning animation services for the educational domains. In these types of animations, our animation designers design the video in an informative and educational manner, sometimes by using whiteboard animation techniques. This is one of the most appreciated 2D animation services of ours.

2D Animated Banner Design:

We offer 2D animated banner design services for promotional purposes.Our designers create a digital banner or poster with animated visualization for the representation of our client’s business via 2D Animated Banner Design services.

Short film animations:

We offer sort film animation services in which, from scripting to visual editing everything is performed by our team of web designers. These services are often proven helpful to our clients from the entertainment industry.

Our Process of Creation

Creation of 2D animation is not as easy to make as you might think it is. This is a critical yet creative process to develop a 2D animation video from a mere idea. Therefore, we follow following process to develop 2D animations.

Animation Stage Preparation:

Preparation of stage is first step to create an animation. Therefore, we prepare an animation stage in HTML5.

Ideation and Conceptualization:

The next step we take towards a fine 2D animation is ideation and conceptualization. In this step we take an idea from the customer and then create some concepts to compliment the idea. In this step only the looks of characters and the overall flow of animation images is scheduled.


Creation of characters is performed in this stage. Digital sketches are created so that visual characters can be imported to the platform.

Animating the Characters:

By understanding the concepts of frames, keyframes, loop motions and motion twins, we create illusion of a character moving. It takes efforts as animation is all about looping a static image to create illusion of the same image having motion.

Timeline setting:

Once the motion of animation is decided it is important to fix time for motion. It ensures that how long one loop motion will be seen on screen. Every motion is specifically set for particular time so that animation has a flow. All the time tagged motions are then collapsed together to get full video.


Once the animation is ready, you can publish it to any platform that you want your 2D animation video on. For custom publishing we utilize Adobe Dreamweaver, Muse or INDESIGN, etc.

Our Areas of Expertise

Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing is one of our Expertise domains as we create 2D animation videos for the purposes of product demonstration, explainer videos, event collateral, etc. Our services like 2D animation banner design, 2D animation development, etc, fall into our digital marketing expertise.


Our expertise lies in entertainment-related 2D animation services. We involve short film animation, real-time movie animations, animated GIF creation, cartoon animation, logo animation, etc.


We are experts in digital graphic novels, animated books, and animated promotional visual content, product advertisement. The publishing industry is one of our many specialties of 2D animation services.

Why should you hire us?

We, Animation299 stand as a well-recognized 2D animation service provider in the Miami web market. We don’t just limit to offering the 2D animation services but our services range wider than this, such as 3D animation, whiteboard animation, Digital short film creation and many more. Our excellence in service provision and accomplished customer satisfaction keeps us ahead of any 2D animation outsourcing company in the region. We are worth hiring, and following our specialties is evidence of that.

Our Specialties

Professional Excellence:

Our professional excellence is proven to the number of clients we have ever worked with. We have experience working with clients from various domains that have enhanced our professional excellence over time.

Time-oriented Approach:

Our team works on time focused approach and that is why we have comparatively short turnaround time for the animation projects. We make sure that the services we provide are completed within the bounded time. We focus on updating the clients about time to time progress of the projects.


Our services are considered quite cost-effective, as we offer affordable 2D animation services as compared to the market. Also, we offer installment payment options which make our clients even more affordable for purchasing bulk services.

Attention to detail:

Our team focuses on the details of the project; every customer demand is considered keenly and has been fulfilled by our team of animators.

Customer Satisfaction:

We have a strong portfolio of our past work that reflects the reviews and feedback from our customers. We are proud to mention that our customers are fully satisfied with the services that make us worth being hired by many others, as you, yourself.

100% Customer satisfaction guaranteed

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