Computer Generated Imagery

Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)

When talking about the Computer Generated Imagery (CGI), many people think about flying logos or movie special effects. Apart from special effects, CGI can also be used to design technical concepts, which are difficult to illustrate using any other way. CGI is also used visualizing a very high-quality image-realistic illustration.

Computer Generated Imagery is a type of animation that creates images with numbers. To create these virtual environments, animators need to make and position models, lights and cameras just like a real film studio. But using CGI, we can do some different things which are difficult to achieve in reality. The world of computer generated imagery is unbound to any physical constraints or gravity. With such open-ended possibilities, artistry and imagination become very important.

Where to Use CGI?

Beyond flying logos or special effect for the movie, we can use CGI to achieve following:

  • Demonstrate mechanical processes
  • Visualize a huge variety of complex graphic designs
  • Illustrate medical devices
  • Create artwork and book illustrations
  • Product prototypes creation

Our Process for Computer Generated Imagery Works

  • Digital 3D Wireframe Model Creations: We use sculpting software tools to create models. We also work on existing CAD/CAM files or 3D scanners.
  • Allocate Visual Properties to Wireframe Models: After creating a wireframe, we assign attributes like transparency, highlights, reflection, refraction, and an unlimited array of texture maps to it.
  • Animate Objects, Lights, Camera and other Tools: The CGI can be as easy as panning a camera around the object. This stage of CGI will also involve a team of expert animators.
  • Create the Scene: We have advanced systems that can render a single high resolution frame for big format print or multiple frames for an animation sequence.

Bring Your Imagination into Reality

CGI provides you the flexibility to create your products using various media in a way you and your customers want to see them. Once designed, you can deploy it to various channels like web, smartphones, print etc. to create an integrated, efficient marketing process.

  • Include options for rendering object detail animations and stills, including exploded cutaway and view
  • Create motionless images and video content of the object, which are in the prototype or conceptualization stage
  • Modify or reuse data libraries as objects change

Our team of expert animators provides a dynamic user experience with computer generated images of objects and environments. Our specialized CGI artists utilize non-photographic methods to generate stylized or photorealistic images and videos of prototypes or product concepts. Computer generated imagery gives you the best way to let your imagination comes into reality. At Animation 299, we have decades of experience in CGI animation and utilize recent and advanced software applications. If you are also looking to create some images or videos using CGI, feel free to contact Animation299.


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