Morph Target Animation

Morph Target Animation

Morph target animation one of the 3D computer animation methods used with techniques like skeletal animation. In a morph target animation, a distorted version of images is stored as a series of vertex positions. In each frame of an animation, the vertices are interpolated between stored positions.

We Work on Following Techniques

A deformed version of any shape is considered as "morph target". First, we applied a neutral expression to modeled human face, and then a "target deformation" is designed for each expression. Once the face has been animated, our expert animators smoothly morph between morph targets and the base shape.

Mostly smiling mouth, a raised eyebrow and a closed eye are considered as morph targets in facial animation, but this morph animation technique can also be used to morph between such as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Early 3D video games like Crash Bandicoot and Quake utilizes per-vertex animation for all sorts of animation.

While using for facial animation, this morph target is often noted as key poses. The exclamations amongst key poses as an animation is being rendered are usually simple and small changes of rotation, scale and movement operated by the 3D software. We don’t edit the vertex positions for all morph target animation. We take vertex positions from skeletal animation and use them as a morph target animation.

Why Hire Animation299 as your Morph Target Animation Partner?

At Animation299, we have a team of expert animators who are well aware of creating morph target animation. Our well-experienced animators have knowledge of all the latest trends and technologies and are eager to learn and implement them into their work.

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