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Animation has been in the part of our digital world since the early 1800s. Since the digitalization of business has caught its pace; the animation has been making its mark in widespread applications. The businesses are growing with new and newer ideas every day and that is where immersive visual elements define the scope of animation. Since, the animation is one of the most important Rotoscoping services we have evolved our businesses with, we at Animation299 offer affordable, effective and efficient Rotoscoping services. Rotoscoping makes all the immersive visual activities such as converting an image into the motion picture; therefore, we have circulated our services over 2D animation services, 3D animation services, Whiteboard animation and everything that comes under the umbrella of Rotoscoping Services.

Our range of Rotoscoping services is quite vague that over the years of our industry experience, we have been providing the following services to the clients on a global scale. The list of our Rotoscoping services is detailed as follows:

We offer the range of these services where our team of animators implements the latest and the finest animation techniques like Rotoscoping, onion skinning, morphing, etc. Our team of animators offers services with utmost excellence that creativity and professionalism never lack in our efforts.

Rotoscoping Service Workflow @ Animation299:

Being a sole customer-centric visual art and animation organization, we put emphasis on customer requirements and demands. We have mapped the whole process in a manner that we cover up every single demand of our clients to offer the most excellent services possible from our end. The workflow module of our Rotoscoping services is detailed as follows:

Ideation and conceptualization: Once we get the initial idea from the client’s end, we work on the ideation and conceptualization terms. The most basic, the simplest idea can be converted into the masterpieces, is what our team of animators believes in. Therefore, we work on fine mastering the ideas. Our team of creative artists’ brainstorms on the concept and the idea is finalized in this stage.

Drafting and characterization: In this stage, our animators develop a rough draft of the video or the animation based on the initial idea. The animators and sketch artists collaborate to create character sketches, video flow, and a design layout is created to show the first outlook to the customer.

Conceptual storyboard: Once the rough sketches of characters and animation flow is created, we move on to the conceptual storyboard. It is also called the mood board phase. In this stage, a digital presentation mood board is created where character sketches, storylines, the color combination of the video, etc are displayed for the customer’s approval.

2D animation: A 2D animation is created to portray the whole storyline of the ideation. This phase is totally optional and only depends on the client wants to see the story flow or if the idea needs to be portrayed in a specific manner. If 2D animation is created then the customer might not demand the ideation sketches but the creation of sketches and conceptualization of characters only remains mandatory.

Green Screen and Frame Setting: Green screen and frameset is the step where the actual Rotoscoping activity is performed. The images are converted into videos or motion pictures with the help of Rotoscoping techniques. 2D animation, 3D animation, motion graphics, morphing, rendering, texturing, etc are some of the Rotoscoping techniques involved in the process.

Customer Reviews: A short spanned video that would be 30 to 60 seconds long video is sent to the client along with storyboard, ideations and draft designs. The phase involves approval from the customer. If the client likes the sample portion of the video, then we deliver the complete video after that. In a few cases, the client requires modifications to the video which we consider openly for further improvements.

Editing: In this phase, we edit the video as per the client’s requirements. Rendering, texturing, VFX, Surface and background edits, sound and light editing, etc are the parts of the editing phase.

Final Approval: Once the editing is performed, the final video is sent to the customer for final approval.

This whole workflow module of our Rotoscoping services states that we offer end-to-end services. This is just a module, the core Rotoscoping process may vary according to the requirements.

Our Core-Rotoscoping Process:

Before discussing our Core-Rotoscoping services, we intend to ensure that you possess a plethora of benefits while outsourcing these services from us. Our team of Rotoscoping experts really cares for what the client wants and we do offer implementation and utilization of the most excellent technologies. As Core-Rotoscoping is more of directional movement of the video images, the Core-Rotoscoping process we proceed with is detailed as follows:

- At first, we check the footage so that any camera shakes, directional changes, obscured objects are identified and removed from the collection. The footage also helps in specifying the duration of the whole video.

- In order to create the new alpha channel, our Rotoscoping experts trace the whole footage by using significant tools. Compositing software and tools are used to create a new alpha channel for a specific image sequence. Basically, if the images are directly captured from the camera then they have no alpha sequence which is then created by our artist by tracing the footage images in the video.

- Our Rotoscoping artists create various shapes around the footage and animate the motion of the footage to check if it works well.

- We analyze the picture motion and attach or detach the video motion according to the aesthetics. We chose the motions with most actions and then arrange them according to the video storyline.

- Our last step in this process is to give an attractive visual to the motion picture; therefore, rendering, sound and light effects, morphing, etc are performed with onion layer technologies, to layer the video for improvements.

- Well, as our motive and the process of Rotoscoping service provision is now well persuaded, we request you to opt for our services in case you are In need of the same. Our wide customer base and professional experience of over a decade make one of the best Rotoscoping service company.


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