Whiteboard Animation Videos Maker

Whiteboard Animation Videos Maker

Whiteboard Animations Videos, a new trend of sales and marketing it is nowadays. Every business is now implementing it to the marketing plan; we will not wonder if you also want that. Whiteboard animation services are kind of getting the strongest possible grip on the market these days as it has the potential to be simple yet expressive. Internet is nowadays flooded with all the fancy stuff, overly designed websites and animated applications but even in the crowd, a simple whiteboard animation video has the potential to stand out.

We, at Animation299, put attention to the simple yet eye-catching Whiteboard animation. No matter what your business is, we find ourselves highly capable to create a brand-oriented animation for you. We must say, even if we do plenty of styles of animation, whiteboard animation stands as our forte. Our whiteboard services involve taking over the charge of your idea from scratch and turning it into a brand-building whiteboard animation. You might be a newcomer in your industry or maybe you are a business giant already, but you cannot deny that a professionally created whiteboard animation can support your brand and can gather plenty of audience to your business.

WhiteBoard Animation Vidoes Maker

Specialties of Whiteboard Animation:

Slideshow animations are becoming kind of a boring affair now, especially in the business and marketing domain. At such times whiteboard animation provides some perks to the marketing. Following are the specialties of the whiteboard animation,

  • Simple yet attractive.
  • Interactive in a short span.
  • No need for any extra software installation
  • Suitable for educational, business, sales and marketing and many more purposes.
  • Suitable for adverts on Google, YouTube, Website promotions, etc.
  • It does not require any extra efforts like VFX or rendering.

What do we offer?

Whiteboard animation might be the simplest looking form of animation but it holds the potential of making or breaking your brands. It can be performed for multiple purposes and it can be made in multiple ways. Animation299 provides the 2D animation and 3D Animation Service, whiteboard animation, Digital short film creation and many more. Therefore, the following are the services we offer under Whiteboard animation.

Brand Building Whiteboard Animation: Our most important whiteboard animation videos making service is brand building animation. In this service, we take crisp details of your business from you as an input and create an explanatory whiteboard video of it. This way, your customers can find it helpful to understand what your brand is all about. Once your brand, your business is explained to the customers then they can easily decide what services they want to take from you. Our whiteboard animation has the potential to build your brand, and grow your business.

Pre-roll Advert Animation: 15-30 seconds of pre-roll videos in whiteboard animation has another level of impact on your business. A pre-roll advert before a YouTube video can promote your services in a quick and crisp manner. We create finely narrated adverts that can summarize your services in the time as less as 30 seconds. It takes strong storytelling and short-span animation skills but our whiteboard animators can do it professionally.

Specific Product Description Animation: Specific product description whiteboard animation is what we give in our services. An informative video about explaining the product specifications can appear innovative and formal to your customers. Our company provides whiteboard videos for multiple business products like it can be a mechanical device or it can be an electrical switchboard, etc. These types of animations are interesting than regular slide shows and bring sales profit into the business.

Campaign Whiteboard Animation: If you want to campaign your business on Social media like Instagram that only allows a specific length of the video to be posted, then-campaign animation video made in whiteboard structure can be attractive as well as fit into social media regulations. It is an effective way of promoting your services on social networks.

Training Animation Videos: Whiteboard animation is the best source for creating training animation video. They are simple, they are interactive and the most important thing is they can be interesting than a human speaking to the trainees. Whiteboard animations are informative and interactive for the training type of purposes.

Why should you choose us?

We, as Animation299, have a team of well-experienced animators. We are very much customer-centric so we pay attention to the details of our customer’s needs. We put our customer choices at the topmost of our priorities and make the utmost efforts to reduce customer’s hassle. Our services are more cost-efficient as compared to our market competitors. Our team is highly experienced with various types of animation projects therefore versatility is our forte.

We at Animation299 offer 24x7 customer assistance. Our experts answer all your queries over calls or emails and assist your requests with the utmost attention. Our customer assistance and dedicated services make us worth choosing as your Whiteboard animation partner.


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